Store Intern

Job description

We’re looking for a SUPER INTERN!

We have an open internship in our Store sector. We’re looking for someone with lots of energy, will to learn and who’s really into the world of digital games. Someone who dreams of working in a very relaxed, but result-driven environment, surrounded by incredible people in a very dynamic and innovative company.

But first things first! Before scanning through this e-mail and going straight for the contact email, help us by asking yourself:


Am I methodic and well-organized?
Do I enjoy well-established processes?
Am I a go-getter who isn’t afraid of challenges?
Am I a curious person who’s always questioning the reason behind things?
Do I want to explore the world of digital marketing?
Am I a team player?
Do I want to work in an innovative startup?
Am I focused on results?
Do I love the gaming world?


If your answer to all of the above is HELL YEAH, then by your powers combined, we have an opportunity for you!

Look Padawan, the force must be strong with you! As a member of the Store team, you’ll work with and operate the internal configurations of our products and platform; always striving for the best end results for our colleagues and clients.



  • Being in up to the 4th college period of Marketing, Production Engineering, Digital Games or any other courses related to technology and communication;

  • A focused, analytic profile;

  • Being able to work under pressure;

  • Feeling comfortable in working with a team;

  • Identifying with the world of games and technology;

  • Good writing;

  • Intermediate Excel;

  • Intermediate English;

Here’s what you’ll be responsible for:

  • Registering new games on the platform

  • Organizing the highlights area on the homepage

  • Internal operational reviewing (stocks, release dates and so on)

  • Helping to manage inbound and outbound games to and from our catalog

  • Helping to manage the creation of roadmaps and planning our promotional calendar


  • Basic/intermediate Spanish

  • Using and being familiar with the main gaming activation platforms (Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc…)

  • Being interested in Growth Hacking, e-commerce, SEO, etc…

  • Being familiar with the following tools: Office, VPN, Trello, Mail Marketing and Social Media in a business-oriented fashion