Healer (Customer Support Intern)

Job description

Nuuvem.com is one of the largest digital distribution platforms in Latin America. We are moving into becoming a universal platform to buy, discuss and interact about games globally.


We are organizing a strong group in Nuuvem for a great Raid and conquering a lot of XP globally. We want to reach a new level! To do that we need Healers trainees. Yes! We are looking for a class of skillful art professionals to assist and help everyone who purchases their games daily with us and contact our Support.
If you like games and believe that you have the skills of a Healer, this is your chance!
See below the activities assigned to the Healer trainee we need:


  • Identify problems of the users who contact the Support and seek the best possible solution for each one;
  • A good Healer is someone who anticipates scenarios that can turn into some kind of problem for users and takes action before things happen and can affect them. So you'll frequently keep your eyes open on Nuuvem store an you'll be always on alert for anything abnormal;
  • You will be the One, the owner of millenarian wisdom, almost a master of the magicians, but there will be that moment who someone will experience a doubt / issue which no one has ever had before and you may not know how to help, but you are the only one who can do it for him at that moment. Then you will need to find out the answer by communicating internally to the members of our group who will also help you in this quest;


  • Be properly enrolled in some course related to the area of communication (Marketing, for example)
  • Be a gamer, like games, play games. Have we said that you have to like games? ;)
  • Excellent writing and communication, after all, you will be the owner of the Nuuvem's oracle and you will have to express it well for everyone who need it.
  • Domain English language, as we are leaving for a global Raid! Spanish is a differential.
  • Living in Rio de Janeiro and the closer to Barra da Tijuca, the better!
  • Being Healer and liking to help has to be a vocation. This means that you will feel comfortable working in an area where everything may not be perfect as expected, but you will give your unrivaled dose of contribution to make it better.


Joining our group, this is what you can expect from us:

  • Participation in the consolidation of the largest gaming startup in Brazil;
  • Rich work environment, entitled to co-op with other incredible players;
  • Free games for you to have fun in the off hours;
  • Achievements and many Experience Points in the gaming industry.


Oops! Did you identify yourself with the vacancy? Do you believe that this text was written for YOU? So do not click savegame to continue this mission later.


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