Senior Front End Developer

Job description is one of the largest digital distribution platforms in Latin America. We are moving into becoming a universal platform to buy, discuss and interact about games globally.

We are looking for an Experienced Frontend Software Engineer focused on creating and implementing beautiful, modern, resilient, and easy-to-use web interfaces to help us maintain and evolve our platform, as well as being a key player in a big new project we are launching this year. The main focus of this role is on developing and implementing layouts using modern and responsive HTML and CSS techniques.

You will be joining a team of highly skilled web and game industry enthusiasts building solutions in an agile and passionate environment. Teamwork is essential, as well as being a knowledge seeker and self-sufficient when needed.

You need to be obsessed with delivering high-quality pieces of code quickly and in a stable manner, envisioning any feature as part of the platform's full value, without losing your focus on getting things done. Security and performance must be your top-level priorities.

This job opportunity is valid for remote work anywhere in Brazil.


  • Create fast, semantic, and responsive HTML pages with modern CSS techniques based on either high-fidelity or low-fidelity layouts and mockups.
  • Improve existing web pages both in a technical, under the hood way but also targeting a better user experience.
  • Work in conjunction with the rest of the team, directly with the system's source code, to implement the interface for new features or changes to existing code.
  • Improve our existing build toolchain, refine our frontend development and testing process and practices.
  • Migrate existing web interfaces to component-based UI.
  • Be a reference for other less experienced frontend developers in the team, mentor junior developers, and be willing to share knowledge with the team.


  • At least 3 years of experience as a frontend developer
  • Although not required, the ability to also create new UI/UX and design mockups and layouts will be highly appreciated
  • Good sense of design aesthetics

OUR BELIEFS (hope yours too!)

  • Pair programming is always good (even on me and myself scenario).
  • Quality and quantity are in a balance — we must find this equilibrium.
  • A great product is about a great experience and value delivered.
  • Listening is more important than saying. Showing is better than telling.


  • Self-sufficient Linux or macOS user and does not fear the Terminal;
  • Deep knowledge of HTML and CSS;
  • Familiar with modern CSS concepts such flex and grid layouting, and also modern build tools;
  • Extensive knowledge of Javascript and willingness to know more.
  • Experience with some form of Javascript frontend framework like Vue (preferred), React, etc.
  • Proficient in written English and at least good working knowledge of spoken English.


  • Some knowledge of HTTP protocol and Web APIs;
  • Experience with other programming languages like Ruby or Python;
  • Some knowledge of backend development, either using Node or some other language;
  • Experience with e-commerce UX.

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