Full-Stack Software Engineer (Ruby, JS, React)

Job description

Nuuvem.com is one of the largest digital distribution platforms in Latin America. We are moving into becoming an universal platform to buy, discuss and interact about games globally.

We are looking for a Full-Stack Software Engineer focused on Ruby on Rails to help us maintain and evolve our platform. As part of being full-stack, we do require basic HTML and CSS knowledge, and advanced JavaScript skills, mostly by using frameworks and libraries to better integrate with the backend. Previous experience with React is really appreciated.

You will be joining a team of highly skilled web and game industry enthusiasts building solutions in an agile and passionate environment. Team work is essential, as well as being a knowledge seeker and self-sufficient when needed.

You need to be obsessed to deliver high-quality piece of code quickly and stable, envisioning any feature as part of the platform's full value, without losing your focus on getting things done. Security and performance must by your top-level priorities.


  • Design, develop and test new features for the platform.
  • Lead researches and experiments when dealing with new and challenging requirements.
  • Maintain and improve the current codebase by quickly fixing bugs and refactoring problematic code when needed.
  • Write unit and integration tests for new features and bug fixes.


  • You have working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English.
  • You're passionate about technology (and games!).
  • You can understand business requirements and translate them into technical definitions.
  • You can make powerful questions — from this, we will (re)define user stories, acceptance criteria, specification. Always questioning (without losing focus).
  • You're a big picture viewer and obsessed with (relevant) details.
  • You're also results/delivery driven and a problem solver.
  • You love to write beautiful code!

OUR BELIEFS (hope yours too!)

  • Pair programming is always good (even on me and myself scenario).
  • Quality and quantity are in a balance — we must find this equilibrium.
  • Great product is about a great experience and value delivered.
  • Listening is more important than saying. Showing is better than telling.


  • Self-sufficient Linux or macOS user and does not fear the Terminal.
  • Strong Ruby on Rails background (3+ years) with TDD/BDD (unit and integration), Git, code reviewing, continuous integration, and development/test environments.
  • Solid PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis knowledge.
  • Build and consume APIs and maintain microservices-based apps.
  • Experience with other programming languages like PHP, Python, Node.js, Scala, Go.
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and at least one or two JS frameworks/libraries like AngularJS and/or React.


  • Finished at least one relevant project using React that is already in production.
  • Basic understanding on how Amazon Web Services works.
  • Knows a little bit about Puppet and Capistrano.
  • Solid AngularJS experience to maintain our internal back office application (you don't have to love Angular, just have the knowledge to deal with it when needed).

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